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Bonsai Bob[27]
Grimlochs Domain

Welcome everyone. I just upgraded my site to the new PHP-Fusion version 8.00.21. So far it meets all expectations. I will be setting up and testing some of my old infusions as well as several new infusions and panels. Things may look strange from time to time when logging in; don't be alarmed it's a process that will be ongoing for a while.

Beautiful Ashley Campbell

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Character builds slowly, but it can be torn down with incredible swiftness.

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Final Cut
Well it was a struggle but I finally got the SimpleFusion theme configured to my liking.
New Infusion Test
I am posting this news item to see if the new infusion works by sending out notifications to all members that have subscribed that a news item has been posted. Stay tuned.
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Since 08/11/2018
On June 30 2019
Shoutbox error correction testing.

Since 08/11/2018
On June 25 2019
Alright! Things are looking good folks. Smile

Since 01/13/2019
On June 24 2019
Hey peoples. Summers on the down hill slide already !

Since 08/11/2018
On June 24 2019
Been a while; all is looking good webmaster. Smile

 Bonsai Bob
Since 12/30/2018
On June 21 2019

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